Item Information

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Q: Do you have more information about this product?

A: All of the information we have available is provided in the listing.

Q: What are refurbished items?

A: Refurbished items are items that have had their internal components repaired to new condition by the manufacturer or a third party. The item may contain cosmetic defects that do not alter normal operation.

Q: Is this item new?

A: We try to always state the condition of the item in the listing.   Please read the full item listing and description for this information.  Please feel free to contact us using the methods on the home page, if it is not visible.


Q: What is included with this product (auction)?

A: Everything that is included in the auction is listed. Items that are not listed are not included.  There may be items in stock pictures that are not listed as included.  Please refer to the item listing and description to confirm whether or not something is included.

Q: How much assembly is required with this bicycle/stroller?

A: Bikes will take about an hour to assemble and will require basic tools. If you are unsure about the assembly process, we recommend you have it professionally assembled. Strollers are generally pre-assembled, but may need basic items, like wheels, installed before use.




Frequently Asked Questions